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White Waves

Banking & Remittance

Our institutional banking and global remittance solution offers a seamless and cost-effective way to build a modern banking platform and settle transactions across borders.


Global Bank Transfers

Unique UK &

Preferred local deposit methods

Account opening & KYC

Corporate cards

Banking back end

Corporate Banking

With our comprehensive range of services, including financing, treasury management, and global trade services, we can help you manage your financial operations more efficiently and effectively.

Access to a global network of banks

Competitive pricing and flexible terms

24/7 support from our dedicated team

State-of-the-art technology & security measures

Comprehensive reporting & insights

Access the market's fullest function embedded wallet


Corporate Bank Accounts/Cards

GenBlock facilitates the issuance of corporate account / cards enabling businesses to make corporate purchases & manage budgets.

Exclusive and negotiated business discounts

International transaction at lowest forex fee

Assured cashback on every corporate purchase

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A comprehensive financial solution for institutional investors, HNWIs, and family offices.

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